Thursday, 26 February 2015

Codename: MG Not-Nu WIP #6

I've been working on the enhanced sensor array, pretty much looks like a mecha mohawk. The whole thing is rather large, but I think it looks pretty good.


The rifle I had built previously was great and all but it was so large that it was completely unwieldy, to correct this issue I built a much smaller lighter rifle, the Variable Mega Rifle Mk II. The barrel is actually of the same length but the whole thing is a lot shorter it does this by moving the barrel further behind the trigger and into the stock, a bull-pup configuration.

Variable Mega Rifle Mk II

This still needs a better name than the punny "Not-Nu", a fellow on Youtube btwrug02 suggested Sleipnir from Norse mythology (Odin's eight legged steed), I think it seems a little too Aldnoah.Zero though. Which puts me on the train of thought into Norse mythology, Fenrir, Valkyrie and Ragnarok all sound pretty good. Valkyrie sounding a little too Macross though.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Codename: MG Not-Nu WIP #5

More work done on the "Variable Mega Rifle", I've got a barrel installed...
and it is huge and hopelessly muzzle heavy, but I have to say that I like it.

I think it still needs a bit more work to push the rifle to completion, and I'm still a bit stumped with what to do with the Shield Booster.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Codename: MG Not-Nu WIP #4

Still needs a cool name, any suggestions??

I spent a lot of time rehashing the shield and then completely redoing what I had done all over again... twice.

And I still haven't actually changed anything there, though I do now have some better ideas thanks to a Youtube commenter (ASBA1991), who suggested that my Gunpla isn't the least bit aerodynamic and that I could try to create a beam barrier type affair similar to what Xi and Penelope use.

I'm a little stumped as to how to build that so I've focused on the beam rifle for now and I've set my sights on something like the beam smart gun used by S-Gundam (that being one my absolute favourites). I've pretty much maximized the size of it based around Hi-Nu's frame too, so it's gonna be one really big bloody gun. It is the absolute limit of what can fit underneath of the arm and the stock is cut before it gets burned by the boosters.

So far I've only roughly built the rear half of what I have dubbed the "Variable Mega Rifle"

It's rough, but I'm pretty pleased with it so far, and I've definitely got some ideas on where to take it too.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Codename: MG Not-Nu WIP #3

So I've got this figured out, I present the "Super SCRAM" engines, basically they are an unholy combination of both the VASIMR and the SCRAM engine.

Basically the VASIMR works on the same principle as the large hadron collider and beam rifles. It ionizes a gas (adds or removes an electron) and then it uses magnetic coils to accelerate the ionized gas into a high energy state (plasma). The problem is that current science can't do this outside of a vacuum but evidently they have figured that one out by the 79th year of the Universal Century (likely they seal it within a mechanical vacuum). That said I doubt they would be super efficient within the atmosphere.

What my "Super SCRAM" does is route the oxygen through the VASIMR first so it is accelerated to the required speed where it meets the fuel in the open chamber. In essence the VASIMR acts as the Super Charger bolted to a typical car motor feeding the air in and altering the compression ratios. With the forced air feed at a high energy state the "Super SCRAM" can operate in space like a conventional booster.

SCRAM Components

VASIMR Components

You can see more at Gundam Eclipse.

SCRAM - SCRAMjet on Wikipedia and RAMjet on Wikipedia
VASIMR - VASIMR on Wikipedia