Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Completed Kits #12: SD Banshee and Delta Plus

So I think these are my third and fourth completed kits of the year, I've tried to keep it really simple with these two. The blue, red and gold are the same across both kits (all Krylon spray cans in this particular case) and all of the detailing was done with Vallejo water based acrylics.

This is also my very first time using a light tent for photos overall I'm pretty pleased with the result, but I still capable of mucking it up so if you have any feedback I'd appreciate it.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

SD Base Jabber WIP #2

Its about time I got around to that display base for all of the SDs.
To keep things super simple I started with a rock, easy to come by and very cheap.

I used my hammer drill to poke three 1/8" holes in it with a masonry bit.

I then used a bolt cutter to cut three different lengths of 1/8" brass rod (about 6 CAD and I only used about half of it). I bent two of the three in a few spots to get the desired pose.

Then de-burred with a bastard file and ground one end down a little bit extra to fit the stand peg hole a bit better (for most kit I've built it is around 3 mm which is slightly smaller than 1/8").

Friday, 8 May 2015

SD Base Jabber WIP #1

This really came along as part of the SD Delta Plus package as a place to store it's spare parts. It was moulded in the same colour as the Delta and it comes to a total of exactly one part, but never-mind that its a pretty cool little extra.

I have my SD Base Jabber pretty much done it was just a panel wash over the periwinkle blue really.
I'm thinking I'd like to do a very, very simple display base for the 3 SDs together.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Codename: MG Not-Nu WIP #10

I actually got this idea from CybranKnight, I had been having a lot of trouble getting a nice even symmetrical blade and then duplicating that any number of times for a heat blade that is on and off.

Shapeways seems to have been a pretty good solution to my dilemma, overall it was a bit rough but sanding and putty will take care of that nicely. As the first product I've had printed from them I tried to keep it all very simple and print something like a blank that I can add detail to as I see fit.

I've learned a few things about what can and cannot be printed by Shapeways. Their tolerances lean towards thicker parts, which I underestimated, next time I'll aim for much wider tolerances. This model specifically had some loose shell parts that didn't get printed (I've already gone and fixed the problem).

I like this first attempt quite a lot, but I think I can improve on it quite a lot. Overall I enjoyed the process of modelling parts for my Gunpla so I think I'll try more of it in the future.

For now I've got two other Sword models up on Shapeways I'm keen to try out as well.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

SD Delta Plus WIP #2

It was indeed very quick to go about painting, but the weather was not the least bit cooperative. There were a lot of cold, windy, damp and rainy days between this post and the last and only just today and yesterday has the weather been any good.

For SD Delta Plus I thought I would use the same basic colour palette as the SD Banshee and that lead me straight to a Delta Gundam colour scheme. Additionally I did a slight bit of detailing with grey and red paints and a black wash that really doesn't show up at all.



I also painted the SD Base Jabber in a Periwinkle Blue, which I rather like the effect of, I'm hoping to get it all detailed and washed in the next couple of days.

Base Jabber