Friday, 15 August 2014

Completed Kits #3: Gundam Hurricane [5GB]

Gundam Hurricane

So in attempting to fit in with the theme of this Group Build; 5 Firearms, 5 Blades, 5 Funnel parts, Hurricanes come in 5 categories and it is the 5th MG that I've ever painted.

A few photos of Gundam Hurricane with minimal load-out to see the more aesthetic mods clearly.

With everything attached, it has a slight tendency towards being top heavy.

WIP Thread at Gundam Eclipse

You can check out more of my completed Gundam Hurricane in a Showroom Thread at Gundam Eclipse, or in the Google+ Album.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Armoured Core 9Ball Update #1

At this point I've got my entry into the video game group build snapped with a few seam lines glued up and removed. As of now I'm thinking I'll swap the red for blue, maybe I'll call it 2Ball.

You can see more of my 9Ball work in progress at Gundam Eclipse.