Wednesday, 20 June 2018

CAMS 2018

Late last month I attended a local hobby show, the Capital Area Modelers Society 30th Annual Spring Classic Scale Model Show.

I was still a little bit disappointed by the lack of other sci-fi entries this year, they were few and far between. I think my continued harassment of new or maybe newer Gunpla builders for next year. I think it will be a good trend.

So like the previous years, I took four kits with me. Three of which were my IBO matched set, the first of which was my Hyakuri that I originally built for StriderPrime's contest last summer. I would have liked to do some sort of dio presentation with all three of them together but I ran short on time as most people often do with contests.

The second of my entries was my Gusion Rebake, that I constructed as a speed build at Gundam Eclipse. Pretty pleased with it for a 47.5 hour build.

My third entry and last of my matched set was my Kimaris Trooper, that I built for the same speed build at Gundam Eclipse, this one ran a little slower than the first one at 56 hours from start to finish.

Finally, my fourth entry into the show was my Zeta Plus S1, that I originally built for the Gunpla Builder's Association Cannon Fodder Contest, still pretty pleased with this kit overall, and it earned me a bronze metal in the Sci-Fi category.

Monday, 21 May 2018

MG Destiny the Demon WIP #2

Progress on the scaled armour front and a big sword. Will only be doing the scales on the right arm and I'm working at modding the destiny's shield a little bit too.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

MG Destiny the Demon WIP #1

So I've been working at this for the last week, I've kind of given myself a due date of May 24th, because I would really like to take this one to a hobby show that following weekend.

That said I've got some plans for this one, I've grown to dislike the massive backpack that is so common in SEED so I'm going without wings for this one and I'd like change the proportions a little bit here and there. I'm getting a little bit of inspiration from the Barbatos/Demon fan-art variation of the Destiny that floats around all the time.

So Destiny has clown shoes, so I chopped them 3 mm shorter and I intend to add some claws to wrap up the feet. From there I would like to extend the fore-arms by a little bit. I've had it in may head that I would try doing scaled armour again as well.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Completed Kits #27: MG Zeta Plus S1

So this is my MG Zeta Plus S1, I built this for the Gunpla Builder's Association 2018 Cannon Fodder Contest. So the theme was quite naturally to build a grunt or mass production suit, I settled on building the MG Zeta Plus A1 Test Colours literally because it was the only MP suit that I hadn't snapped yet. For my build, I have a serious case of MG GM Sniper II envy so i tried to style it after that, with a few changes to make it fit the Zeta Plus a little better and using some spare bits from the S-Gundam.

I've added front skirts and new side skirts since I didn't particularly like the beam rifle side skirts from before. I've changed up the main camera and v-fin assembly on the Zeta Plus. I've been tweaked the tail fin as well, I've cut a gap and added some movable fins on the tail.

Removed the seam lines on the rifle. The binders I've added a few extra wing attachments with laptop screws and magnets and a bit of 90 deg angled pla-plate to keep it up right.

Specifically scratch built a shield since the nose cone doesn't make sense when it doesn't transform and I wanted to bulk up the rifle a little bit too, because it feels a little 2 dimensional. I've added a guard over the hand.

So I've added some pla plate to the chest transformation parts so the head won't move down anymore. Removed the seam line across the side of the chest and then pla plated for good measure.

Removed the seam lines from the head and the face plate and added some fins to the head to give it a more aggressive look. Scribed some new lines mostly Danmo along the edges and pla-plated the shoulders. Removed the seam from the funny leg vents. Replaced the hoses on the backs of the legs with pistons.

For paint I used Vallejo Signal Blue, Sky Blue, Ferrari Red, Gunmetal Grey, Duraluminium, Jet Exhaust, Dark Grey Blue, and Medium Blue, and for the display base I used Vallejo Dark Grey, and Sea Grey.

Friday, 30 March 2018

MG Zeta Plus S1 WIP #7

Final WIP for this one, set up a pretty basic diorama and flat coated everything.