Sunday, 29 September 2013

Pre-Blog Kits #1: HGUC GM Striker Custom

Mobile Suit Katana, reference artwork

This one is something of an odd bird, as it represents first a fairly basic plastic kit Bandai's HGUC GM Striker with the addition of B-Club's resin cover kit for the "Custom" bit and a few of my own tasteful alterations. Completed November 29, 2011; this model is literally "one of a kind", and to my knowledge no one else has ever reproduced it.

HGUC GM Striker Custom, completed November 21, 2011

To see more picture of this particular model click here.

HGUC GM Striker Custom Google+ Album


HGUC - High Grade Universal Century, part of Bandai's kit grading system the key bit is HG or High Grade as it usually indicates the size or scale of the kit (1/144, the same as a Hot Wheels car or approximately the height of a tin of pop) and the means of assembly (snapfit, though glue is not unwelcome).

GM - Typically pronounced 'Jim' and represents the term General Mass-Production unit.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Deutsch Zeitschrift Eins

Ich heiße Sean Carlisle. Ich bin einundzwansig Jahre alt und komme aus Fredericton, Canada. Ich wohne in Fredericton und studiere mechinenbau ingenieurwese der UNB. Ich bin nicht verheiratet und mein hobbys sind modellieren, fechten und bahnen schwimmen. Ich bei arbeite sein rettungsschwimmer und schwimm instrukteur der YMCA aus Fredericton.

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Hello there my name is Sean Carlisle otherwise known as WarMachine395.

Now this is really my first time posting on a blog in general, never-mind running my own so the whole thing seems potentially disastrous.

I'm likely most well known for my hobbies so I had best start there; as I had mentioned in the first line my online tag is WarMachine395 and many looking at this blog will likely know me by that name. For the past several years I have been building and painting all manner of model kits tanks, planes, ships, cars, and Gundam (more or less robots, of Sci-Fi origin). In an effort to keep up with my alter ego I'll try to post my work in progress of kits here as I go. I'm also a Forum Moderator at Gundam Eclipse, for those who want to see the rest of my kits and WIPs they are all easily accessible there.

HGUC GM Wagtail, completed July 5, 2013
Apart from all the time I spend building and painting model kits, I swim a great deal, I fence (sabre) though school has long since slowed me down on that front, I enjoy all manner of books (history through to fantasy and sci-fi even), and I recently tried my hand at Minecraft which really only appeals to me because I get to build stuff.

I am currently a Mechanical/Electrical engineering student at the University of New Brunswick, and a part-time lifeguard and swim instructor at the local YMCA. I also have past working experience as an arc-welder and at an engineering company by the name of Kendrion Electromagnetic located within Germany.

After having lived within the borders of Germany in a town called Villengen-Schwinnengen where I learned embarrassingly little German, I decided rather recently that I really ought to correct that oversight and take some introductory courses while I'm still going to school. So in the near future I will be posting my attempts at writing in German on the blog in a journal format.