Tuesday, 31 March 2015

MG Shenlong Ver. EW WIP #2

I've got the shoulder fixed now so I suppose MG Shenlong Ver EW is completed.
To fix it I used my pin vice drill a hole in both sides of the shoulder and then super glued in a brass peg and then mated the two parts with a little more super glue.

Shoulder Fix

Overall it is quite a sturdy fix but it lacks a little bit of articulation at the shoulder now.

Monday, 30 March 2015

MG Shenlong Ver. EW WIP #1

Been doing a lot of work on MG Shenlong Ver EW in the last couple of days I've had the thing prepared since midway through January and I've just been waiting for a couple of decent days to go outside and paint.

Oddly, this is actually the first Gundam that I have ever painted in Tri-colours like Grand-daddy Gundam, that and I actually left it clean.

Inner Frame

Armour Parts


Things were going far too smoothly so I managed to break one of the shoulder joints during assembly, I'll probably end up pinning and super glueing it.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Codename: MG Not-Nu WIP #9

I've finished the first attempt at a scratch-built sword, a short sword I can say that I'm not overly satisfied with it. It seems a bit too wide, it might be the right length but it doesn't have quite the right proportions for the Not-Nu.

Short Sword MkI

So the second take on the short sword is 2 mm narrower and 10 mm longer, I followed pretty much the same method of construction as with the first one. I cut two strips of plastic one is cut to the required dimensions including the tang and then glued to the other and trimmed to match. I then file out the tang and the blade and build the handle, guard and pommel separately.

Short Sword MkII

It hasn't got a point on it yet but I think its looking a bit better than the first attempt.

I've been thinking about a few other heat weapons besides the Longsword (maybe a Zweihander too) and Short Swords as well, a YouTube commenter Samuel Trejo suggested a large two headed axe. Maybe some throwing axes and knives. I won't be loading it all on at once because that would just be too much clutter instead I would like to create some sort of variable armament maybe some magnets involved and sheaths for everything.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Codename: MG Not-Nu WIP #8

Still going strong, I've been pondering the addition of a few heat swords. I think the trick would be to figure out the right proportions for a few variations.

My work on the shield booster is now progressing it took a while, I think I've got the right look for the beam field emitter down. But I'm struggling with how to go about illustrating a scattering beam cannons.

Shield Booster

The Variable Mega Rifle Mk II still needed a bit of work the stock was far too blank.

Variable Mega Rifle MkII

Saw a tutorial for this ages ago, and saw it again rather recently with some frequency. Wanted to try it out so I've added a "395" to one shoulder.


Friday, 6 March 2015

Codename: MG Not-Nu WIP #7

I've been working around the shield mount to build something fairly unique a two part weapon system an I-field and an extreme close quarters HEAT weapon.

In premise it prevents the I-field from overheating by using a rather extreme take on the heat pump to power the offensive Heat Knuckle. In striking another MS it can cause thermal runaway a situation where parts of the MS are likely to melt completely, cause reactor malfunction or battery combustion. Functionally it is quite a powerful tool but it has limitations, its output also makes it quite volatile, if it overheats the whole thing will need to be purged.

Heat Knuckle MK I, I didn't like how this one turned out; it wasn't particularly straight and it was overly blocky.

Heat Knuckle MK II, I reused a few bits from the first one and turned out something I think is a lot more stream lined.

I didn't notice as I built it but its kind of similar to what Crossbone Fullcloth (the skulls) carries.