Thursday, 17 April 2014

Project WarMachine WIP Weeks 3 to 7

All right, I've got a bit more work more work done on it.
The right forearm is a little different now, I've added an attachment point for Koto's Strong Rifle and plenty of pla-plate to bulk up the arm to match a bit better.

I've done some work on the right shoulder as well, sealing it up I've added some rectangular vents front and back in addition to some pla-plate to reshape a few things.

Full right arm re-assembled.

So I've gotten a little bit more done, its been slow going its Mid-term season and I've gotten a lot of snow that needed to be shovelled.

So the first thing that I worked on was the left arm (I figure that left and right can switch if I don't like how things are balancing). Basically I have filled in the hole in the arm where the beam sabre was with pla-plate.

I also started work on a shield scratch built with pla-plate and tubes.

I modified one of the Strike IWSPs Anti-Ship Swords into a long modified Tanto style blade. This I intend to attach to the left shoulder to keep things asymmetrical.

I've got plenty more work to do on the left shoulder and shield yet.

So with what both of you said I cut into the other IWSP sword and made a much shorter modified drop-point to fit within the shoulder sheath and I'll move the large tanto into a rear skirt sheath.

My take on the modified drop-point doesn't look to be proportionally equivalent to a Bowie in my eyes, but it fits quite nicely. I grabbed up my own Bowie to check up the shape of Nu's knife, and like Red said it needed to be sharper.

I've cobbled together a few more odds and ends from the IWSP pack to make a double barrelled rifle inspired by Gundam X Divider. I don't think I'm done with the rifle yet it could use a few more details especially where I've used pla-plate to get things held together.

I've been working on the front and rear skirts for the past couple of days, I tacked the knife sheath to the rear skirt. I've swapped the rear skirts to the front and the front to the rear.

At some point I came to the conclusion that Nu would look way better with longer side skirts so I did that, by splitting one of Nu's funnels and trimming it to my desired length.

The second thing I did was add a bit of pla-plate to the upper legs just to add a little more definition, I'll probably add some rivets there and on the front skirts tomorrow.

I've hit Exam time so I'm moving a little bit slower than I usually do. What I have done is cut the toe of the foot off, added pla-plate to replace the bottom and then altered the bi-pods from 2 Strong Rifle sets to form a split articulated toe.

I also have been working to install larger thrusters in the back of the calf, so I cut the pegs and glued them up.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pre-Blog Kits #13: HGUC GM Cannon II

This is my HGUC GM Cannon II, I snapped it over the summer of 2011 and then painted it in early September of the same year. It is painted up in its original colour scheme as seen in Stardust Memories, you can see more of this kit and others on Gundam Eclipse.

HGUC GM Cannon II, completed September 12, 2011

HGUC GM Cannon II, completed September 12, 2011

If you would like to see more of my HGUC GM Cannon II you can check out my Facebook Image Gallery.