Wednesday, 26 April 2017

HGLM Evangelion Unit 04 WIP #4

More progress! I've been working on a display base for the Eva. It still needs paint, I'm intending for this to look like concrete pads, and I had the idea to mount the Eva with the power plug. In addition I cut a few lines in the plaque to fit the spears in around the Eva.

Monday, 24 April 2017

HGLM Evangelion Unit 04 WIP #3

So I think I'm pretty much done with the kit at this point with a few minor bits to add here and there, and some touch ups. Additionally I've been working in the background to make a display base for this.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

HGLM Evangelion Unit 04 WIP #2

Since I've had a lot of time over the last couple of days I've been working quite a bit on this.
There are a few nested parts (specifically the knee joint) that needed special attention and the lower arms are completely unpaintable.

But, I have managed to do quite a bit, and I've made the decision to keep this in a Berserk state for all time, because it just looks cooler that way. How many Mechs out there where you can open its mouth up and show off its teeth.

Friday, 21 April 2017

HGLM Evangelion Unit 04 WIP #1

Now this isn't my usual kind of build but sometimes its just fun to have a real change of pace.
Anyway this kit is a gift from a friend, and I've been working on it through my exam period.

First up I've stripped off the chrome-ish paint, can't recommend Zep Industrial Purple enough for this it might have taken 30 seconds to strip the paint clean off all of the parts, and did absolutely nothing to the plastic.

I've scrubbed the parts down with some water too, just to clear off the final bits of residue, and I've been progressively sealing up the seam lines along the way.

I got it in my head at some point I'd like to have some spears to go with it, while they aren't anime accurate in the slightest (the real thing would be a real pain to scratch build) they could make for a decent looking stand-in for what I'm thinking of doing.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Completed Kits #20: RG Heavy Zaku

I had a lot of fun building this for Zakuaurelius' Contest, It was really cool to see all the completed entries earlier today.

Anyway my idea for this build was to modify my RG Zaku II into a what if? scenario of what a Zaku would look like if after the first conflict with Operation V in Side 7 Zeon modified a group of Zakus specifically for the task of killing the Gundam.

So to begin I had the idea to remove a lot of the weak points of the Zaku, remember the first Zaku kill in the series?? a Zaku got its nose torn off, the energy pipes got torn off of others, and the armour was not particularly strong by comparison with the Gundam. The shoulder spikes did nothing, and the Zaku machine guns were completely useless on the Gundam. However heat and later beam weapons would work on it, and it was shown by Char on White Base's leaving Side 7 that a Zaku II S could hold its own with the right pilot.

So this Heavy Zaku is the result of that, a high mobility close quarters MS for tackling the Gundam head-on with support from two other heavily modified Zakus serving as gunners.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Completed Kits #19: Full Armour Gundam Ver Logic

Had a lot of fun building this, it was a good bit of practice scratch building.

Anyway the whole thing is put together with polystyrene sheets and tubes and held together with magnets. I kept sanding pretty rough to keep things really matte and finished with the paint as matte as I possibly could. The paints and pigments that I used were all Vallejo (they're what my hobby shop carries).

And one with a RG Zaku for scale.