Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Full Armour Gundam Ver Logic WIP #3

At this point I've got all of the parts added, the fuel tanks are on and I've assembled the final cannon. So I'm feeling pretty good my progress on the build. Just want to add a little more to the fuel tanks and then some paint.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Full Armour Gundam Ver Logic WIP #2

Left side missile pods! I built up a pla-plate box and used magnets to attach it to the Ver Logic. Originally I had thought to go with five smaller missiles.

As things progressed I felt that the smaller missiles didn't look particularly good, so I removed them to replace them with three somewhat larger missiles.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Full Armour Gundam Ver Logic WIP #1

Just started my own Full Armour Gundam Ver Logic, anyway my plan is to represent a bunch of the features of the latest version of the Full Armour Gundam, from the Thunderbolt Anime and the original MSV Full Armour Gundam.

But the most important feature of the Gundam Ver Logic is its extremely logical box-shaped aesthetic. 

I started with a relatively flexible 1.5" cube and reinforced that with an additional layer of pla-plate.

The next key feature of the brilliant logic that is the Ver Logic is its forward facing gun.

Next up are some key features of the Full Armour Gundam(s): the arm mounted weapons. First up are the extended forearm armour. 

Then comes the double barrel beam cannon that it mounted on the right arm of both versions of the Full Armour Gundams.

That's where I'm gonna have to leave it for now, I need sleep.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

RG Zakus WIP #1

It's about time I got back to working on these, I've been neglecting them for like 5 years now. So big thanks to Zach aka ZakuAurelius for helping me out of a RG Zaku based rut, nothing motivates like a building contest.

So anyhow, It's going to be a lot of work to get these prepped and painted for the contest but it should be a lot of fun. So primarily I will be entering either the Green Zaku on the left or the half un-built one in the box, as I had already done a lot of work on the one that looks a bit Zaku I.

I intend to keep working on the Zaku I and by the end of the project hopefully build some kind of diorama.

So the one in the middle is the newest addition and all the parts that I will be using from the RG Zaku are put together there as well.

So with this project, I would like to create my own re-imagining of the Zaku. Still a big old mono-eye at its heart but a little less of the grunt that any good Gundam goes through like a lawn mower through grass.

So in line with that I've got HGUC Zaku Sniper parts that I will be grafting onto my lovely RG Zaku, I've got a few more plans for it beyond that as well. Here is my work on the backpack so far.