Thursday, 24 October 2013

Deutsche Zeitschrift Drei

Das ist mein Computer. Er ist silber, grau, und schwarz. Er kostet $780. Er ist aus Kunststoff, Glas, und Metall. Er ist zu praktisch und zu robust.

Das ist mein Computer.
Das ist meine maßstabgetreues Modell, Es heißen "GM Striker Custom". Es ist grau, hellblau, schwarz, braun, silber, rot, weiß und rosa. Es ist aus Plastik, Harz und Metall. Es ist zerbrechlich und teuer.

GM Striker Custom.
Das ist meine Sonnenbrille. Sie ist schwarz, und braun. Sie kostet fünfzig Euros. Sie ist aus Glas, und Metall. Sie ist zu bequem und leicht.
Das ist meine Sonnenbrille.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

HG AGE-1 Razor WIP #1

Currently at Gundam Eclipse we are running a Modified/Kit-Bash Group Build through to the end of 2013, for this one I will be building Bandai's HG Gundam AGE-1 Normal with the addition of Hobby Japan's AGE-1 Razor Conversion. I purchased both kits at a cost of $15 (CAD), so I won't be feeling the hurt too much if I mess them up a bit.

AGE-1 and Razor Conversion Boxes
AGE-1 Runners and Manual
AGE-1 snapped and Razor Conversion runners

I think to start I'm going to be removing the seams in the Razor's lower legs, lower arms, and the blue parts in AGE-1's chest component, the construction of Razor's shoulders seem to have the added benefit of removing the seams there as well. 

My current plan consists of turning this into a redo of my first modified kit, the HG Exia Dark Arms; I still like the idea of it in concept but in hindsight my execution is very messy. 
To accomplish that goal I intend to add Hobby Base's 1/144 articulate square manipulators, bits from Kotobukiya's Boomerang/Scythe set and their Beam Sabre/Mace set. To finish off the look a pair of metal thrusters and a pair of fuel tanks to replace the remaining one. 


AGE - Mobile Suit Gundam AGE or 機動戦士ガンダムAGE (Kidō Senshi Gandamu AGE) is an alternate universe series and the 12th completed television series in the Gundam franchise. The key to a war between the people living on Earth and the people living on a colonized Mars is the Gundam AGE a self evolving machine which rebuilds itself numerous times each time getting stronger.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Pre-Blog Kits #3: HGUC GM Type-C "Wagtail"

HGUC GM Wagtail, completed July 5, 2013 
This model, is a combination of three kits, the base kit being the HGUC GM Type-C, with the addition of Dengeki Hobby's "Wagtail" conversion and Hobby Base's 1/144 Square manipulators. With this one I decided to go with a more subdued colour scheme, a "cold districts type"; like anything that spends time out in the weather it would gather a bit of rust.

HGUC GM Wagtail, completed July 5, 2013 
On this kit I used Krylon Primer both Grey and White, for the base colours I used Krylon Smoke Grey and Krylon Ivory, in addition Krylon Brilliant Silver for the thrusters and a few smaller parts. For detailing I used Vallejo Sky Blue, Vallejo Carmine Red, Vallejo Neutral Grey, Vallejo Black, Vallejo Air Steel, and Vallejo Wash Black Shade. After numerous coats of Krylon Low Odour Matte Coat I applied a very thin mix of Winton Oil colours to simulate rust and grease dripping from joints and exposed metal.

To see more pictures of the GM "Wagtail" you can visit the Facebook Gallery or the Google+ Album.


Wagtail - this machine's moniker "Wagtail" is actually a reference to a type of bird, the White Wagtail part of the Motacillidae family of birds, it is notably the national bird of Latvia.

White Wagtail

Thursday, 10 October 2013

"Die Welle" Movie Review

Watching "The Wave" was an extremely interesting experience, it broached a very interesting point; if the authority leaned gradually towards autocracy would we all follow?

The movie starts in a typical high school in Germany though not all that different than any North American one, with an average high school class and their favorite teacher, familiarized as Rainer. In trying to understand why they now have a democratic government and why its better they simulate in different classes different ideas one class was and this particular class was autocracy.

Rainer asked them quite blatantly whether they thought that Germany could ever become a dictatorship or fascist again, and of course the class refused to believe that was even a possibility. By the end the class has fully transformed into a completely fascist state, with only a few select people noticing along way noticing what was really happening.

There were quite a few differences between this film and those made in North America; first the plot was very character driven by comparison with the average Hollywood production the suspense was there but the action and explosions weren't. The surroundings were very different nothing overly upscale, not even a city really much closer to a town or village by German standards. The cars were on average older, as is typical in Europe, with few of the brand names that we expect to see in a film. Sidewalks and walkways were definitely predominate over the roads, in many spots there were only walkways with no vehicle access.

The most bizarre part of this film was that is was based on a real-life occurrence, in 1967 at a Palo Alto, California high school; Cubberly High. A history teacher: Ron Jones undertook the experiment with his contemporary history class of sophomores in an effort to better understand the events leading to Nazi Germany.

If given the opportunity to see this film again, I would more than likely go to see it and I would recommend it to others as well. It's one of those movies that really forces the viewer to think and face some facts that they may have difficulty accepting.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Pre-Blog Kits #2: HGUC Zudah

MS-Igloo, reference artwork
I was working on this one in parallel with the GM Striker Custom back in 2011, this having been complete on Halloween night for Gundam Eclipse's Universal Century versus Alternate Universe Group Build. There were only a few very minor cosmetic changes that I made to this kit before I painted the addition of a metal mono-eye underneath its visor (you can only sometime catch a glint of it) and a set of very pose-able hands that I found looked quite a lot better than the ones it came with.

HGUC Zudah, completed October 30, 2011
To see more pictures you can click here.


UC - Universal Century, is one of the timelines of the Gundam anime metaseries. The Japanese is 宇宙世紀 (Uchū Seiki) or literally "Space Century". The Universal Century starts after humans begin to populate space, after construction of the first space colony side at Side 1 was completed. It has been the primary Gundam timeline, although only eight of the 17 animated projects released since 1995 have been strictly set in this timeline. The Universal Century science is practical and makes use of true science including the Lagrangian Point in space, the O'Neill as a living environment, and energy production from Helium-3 (named Minovsky Physics).

AU - Alternate Universe, can simply be defined as anything that isn't Universal Century.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Deutsch Zeitschrift Zwei

Das ist Albert Einstien. Er ist am 14.3.1879 in Ulm Würtemburg. Seit 1903 Albert Einstein mit Mileva Maric verheiratet, und hat drei kinder; einen tochter und zwei sohns. Seit 1919 Albert und Mileva geschieden, und Albert mit Elsa Löwenthal verheiratet. Er arbeitet Lehrer und Atomphysiker.