Saturday, 18 April 2015

SD Delta Plus WIP #1

Getting some of the prep work done, so far I have disassembled, sealed some of the seam lines and puttied a few minor gaps. Based on the part count with things glued this shouldn't take very long to paint.

Prep Work

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

SD Banshee WIP #2

It is pretty much done now, I've got all the details I wanted to paint filled in, and a bit of weathering done, nothing really major. I did have to super glue the shield into destroy mode because it cracked a bit after paint, but that's no big deal I don't intend to display it out of destroy mode ever.

I'm hoping to take a few better picture of this guy in the next couple of days and get to work on my SD Delta Plus as well.

Monday, 13 April 2015

SD Banshee WIP #1

Been working on SD Banshee for a couple of days. Just doing a very basic Banshee colour scheme and very light alterations to fill a few of those SD gaps.


Red Eyes

All Painted

Beyond this I've got a little bit more detailing to do on a few bits here and there, possibly a bit of weathering around the claw a bit of soot around the exposed psycho frame bits (I plan to display it only in destroy mode).

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Completed Kits #11: MG Shenlong Ver. EW

Just got this finished in the last couple of days. I finally got some decent weather for painting in and I'm hoping for something similar for the long weekend too.

In typical fashion for me, I have painted the kit principally with Krylon spray cans. Oddly this is actually the very first time that I have ever painted a Gundam in the proper Tri-colours of RX-78-2.
The colour scheme is quite stock, with two very small alterations which were inspired by the green knees and ears of Fenice from Build Fighters. I somehow kept it clean which is altogether baffling.

You can see more of this kit in it's Google+ Album or in the Facebook Gallery.