Monday, 14 July 2014

Project WarMachine 7 to Finish

I got slowed down by exams for a while but I feel like I'm back on track now, at least for the time being.

From where I was last time I've continues to work on both of the lower legs, basically I intend to build up the front of the lower legs to look a little bit more angular to match the rest of the Nu and look a little bit more like heavy armour.

From there, I decided that I wanted to extend the knees a centimetre or so. I have taken the the side skirts from the MG Strike and tacked them on they still open, I'll be plating around them more to make them blend in better and to reshape the the lower leg far more.

I still need to build up around the top of the knee to finish it and them match the other leg, and there are of course those pesky gaps to fill with some putty.

I've been tinkering around with the armaments again, I snapped and glued 2 smaller missile launchers together. Then I mounted the whole thing on the right forearm.

Both legs are now looking quite symmetrical, the last thing to do with these will to fill in the larger gaps with some Milliput.

The latest thing I started work on was removing the seam lines in the inner frame.

On a side note I added a set of Hobby Base Mechanical Hands, but completely forgot to take a picture.

Continuing the process of seam line removal for the inner frame, glued up the chest and applied some Tamiya Putty to most of the rough seams. I also cut two pieces of pipe with a pipe cutter I recently picked up to go on the wrists to make them look less spindly.

I started working on the feet again for a little bit, I added some pla-plate to the heels so the whole thing can stand a little easier.

I replaced the antenna on the side of the head with some Bandai builder's parts.

Current frame assembly.

So I've started puttying up the legs, and figured I'd show a bit of the work so far.

The free-standing kit so far.

I've made progress! Head (fully painted), I painted it just to make sure that I knew where I was going with my colour scheme.

Inner Frame (fully painted).

I decided that I didn't like the look of the missile launcher tagged onto the right arm, so I've scrapped that idea, in favour of something else.

I've covered the gap in the calf armour and the small peg holes in the feet with a thin sheet of pla-plate and putty.

Got some more work done again today, all of the parts I intended to paint Gray are done minus the feet.

Tonight I'm going to try and sand down a few minor gaps in the feet and then fill them in and re-prime.

Got some more work done, just another bit of paint.

Seeing as this coming Monday is the last day for the build I had best get things in gear again. So I decided to do away with the double barrel beam rifle I had put together and the missile pod on the arm in favour of two smaller machine guns. I extended the barrel on both of them to make them fit the scale a little better.

I also started an finished work on a shield that will house the two machine guns. I used three of the outer shell
parts from Nu's funnels in a fan shape to make it. I added joint parts to pin it to the right shoulder, and angle
pla-plate to form a centre strut down the middle. I attached magnets to both the machine guns and the
underside of the shield.

Capped a few of the minor gaps in the backpack.

This final part is still very rough, its a beam sabre hilt, I wanted something very unique looking for the 5th blade. Basically its intended to be wielded with the blade downwards.

So that's it for now, I should be doing some painting this afternoon.

Remaining armour parts

With weaponry load-out

So as of now I'm pretty much done save for a few minor parts to paint in red.
That is 5 guns and 5 blades and for names I'm thinking Gundam Hurricane, because they come in 5 categories, I'll have some completed images for tomorrow night.